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Start with Salesforce Cleanup

OrgSteward is a powerful Salesforce assistant, providing ongoing guidance via its key features: Salesforce Monitoring and Apex Code Analysis. Begin your journey with Salesforce cleanup.

Start with User Adoption Insight

After months and years of configuration and development, your Salesforce Org gets more complex and difficult to maintain or extend. It’s the best time to make a complex review to simplify and clean up your Org.

As a first step, you should have an insight into how users use Salesforce and how often, what features are used. Configuration Export in OrgSteward helps you identify users with a low or zero adoption so you can focus on reviewing access to these users or your processes.

Clean up Basic Settings in Your Salesforce

Once you have reviewed user adoption, the next step is to clean up basic security settings, such as profiles, roles, and queues. OrgSteward will identify all unused or unassigned profiles, roles, and other configurations. Your administrator gets a list of all unused configurations and can safely remove it.

Continue with Advanced Clean Up

After the initial cleanup, you can continue with an advanced cleanup by running additional reports, such as Unused Page Layouts, Apex Code, etc.

Monitor Progress in Configuration Quality

Cleanup and simplification is a never-ending recurrent process. Setup Configuration Export in OrgSteward to automate configuration reports and get immediate NOTIFICATION when any unused configuration occurs in your Salesforce Org. You can also set up MONITORING OF SANDBOXES to get feedback before all the changes are migrated to production Org.

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