#OrgSteward is a Fantastic Monitoring Salesforce Assistant with many Powerful Features.

Get Full Configuration Insight

VisualForce Components Overview
VisualForce Pages Overview
Record Types Overview
Reports Overview
Schema Translations
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Simplify Configuration

Empty Public Groups
Unused Page Layouts
Empty Queues
Inactive Configuration
Empty User Roles
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Apex Code Review

Apex Code Review
Lightning Components Code Review
Static Resources Code Review
VisualForce Components Review
VisualForce Pages Review
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Backup Configuration and Apex Code

Backup to Git
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Check Naming Conventions

Custom Objects Conventions
Apex Classes Conventions
VisualForce Components Conventions
VisualForce Pages Conventions
Apex Trigger Conventions
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Post Deployment Validations

Data Validation with SOQL
Compile all Apex Classes
Compile Apex Triggers
Custom fields mapping in Custom Settings
Validate IDs in Custom Settings
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Data Quality Checks

Batch Monitoring
Health Check Risks
Health Check Score
Users without corporate email
Debug Logs
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