What is OrgSteward?

OrgSteward is a powerful Salesforce Assistant, providing ongoing guidance via its suite of essential cloud-based tools.

How OrgSteward works?


➞ analyzes quality of configuration and code
➞ monitors limits, performance, configuration quality a security
➞ gives you notification when there are any gaps and potential issues
➞ verifies quality of delivery and ensures smooth deployment
➞ lets you set up your KPI’s and view trends
➞ has its own Scheduler to automate all checks and reports
How can I get OrgSteward?

It is simple. Just Contact us.
We will guide you through initial setup and provide all assistance.

What is the pricing for OrgSteward?

OrgSteward offers simple pricing model. Pay per Org, unlimited users, unlimited features. Enjoy all features for as many Orgs as your company use.

For the pricing list go here.

May I connect multiple Salesforce Orgs?

With OrgSteward you can manage as many Orgs as you need.

Is OrgSteward safe to use?

OrgSteward just monitors and reads configuration.
OrgSteward doesn’t make any changes to your Salesforce configuration nor data.

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