OrgSteward is cloud-based solution for monitoring and auditing Salesforce environments. This useful tool analyses configuration, code and data to improve performance and capabilities of your Administrators, Developers and Support team.

With more than 100 predefined actions and checks you can get quick and complex insight into current configuration, ensure best practises in code or proactively monitor potential incidents. All actions and checks can be executed manually or scheduled on hourly, daily or monthly basis. To start monitoring your Salesforce org Request a Demo, connect your environments and schedule actions.

  • Salesforce Administrators get full insight into Salesforce conguration, run powerful reports on conguration to speed up your daily work.

  • Salesforce Developers can save their time by automated unit testing, documentation generator or code review and analysis processing.

  • Release engineers can reduce amount of issues by release validations after each deployment.

  • Support engineers can automate proactive checks to identify issues faster than user reports.


  • Get full configuration insight. Quickly understand org configuration, find and solve weaknesses, anti-patterns.

  • Simplify configuration. Find duplicates in configuration, identify unused items to clean up and simplify your org.

  • Apex Code review. Automated code review provides immediate feedback on code quality, potential issues and provides useful recommendations.

  • Automate unit testing. Save time on running unit tests. Let us run the tests on your behalf to speed up conguration and development.

  • Check naming conventions. Define your own naming conventions and automate validation to keep your org clean.

  • Post-deployment validations. Automate validations after deployment to ensure your environment is fully deployed and stable.

  • Data quality checks. Enable data quality checks to proactively identify and solve issues to improve user experience.

  • Backup configuration to database or Git. Take snapshot of configuration or code to database or Git for backup or your data warehouse.