• Easy automated quality assurance solution for Salesforce devops
  • OrgSteward monitors configuration, code and data quality in Salesforce
  • Get code review, configuration review, data quality checks, reports on metadata and much more
  • Know about the bugs faster than your users and prevent releasing bugs easily
  • Better quality will help make both your developers and users happier

Best solution for Salesforce org

No installation needed Simple setup

50+ predefined checks and actions

Multiple orgs at one place

Why OrgSteward

What we do

  • Automated monitoring
  • Data quality checks
  • Configuration reviews
  • Reports on metadata

What you get

  • Full insight into Salesforce org
  • Multiple Salesforce orgs in one place
  • Lightning experience interface
  • Predefined checks and actions


  • Simple setup
  • No installation needed
  • Effective teamwork
  • Sharing results


  • Performance under control
  • No more bugs, no more complaints

  • Secured by OAuth2
  • Flexible pricing

and much more…

How to use OrgSteward

Monitor Salesforce resources
Monitor Salesforce resources and limits, jobs, deployments and performance. Know and solve issues before users start to complain.
Report on Salesforce configuration
Reports enables you to get full insight and understanding of complex configuration or code. You can also export all reports to Excel format and share with colleagues.
Configuration and Code Review
Define and monitor your own best practises for configuration and code. Run a recurrent review to catch all violations during development. Schedule unit tests every day and become notified whenever code coverage falls under limits.
Export configuration to database
Export Salesforce configuration to database. Sync objects and files, picklist values or translations to database enables your apps or reports use same configuration without additional effort.

OrgSteward PRICING

OrgSteward Professional
$50 / Org / month*
All Monitoring Actions
All Automation Actions
+ Email Nofitications
+ Export to Excel
+ Connection to Git
+ User Support
OrgSteward Unlimited
$300 / Org / month*
All Professional Features
+ Email Nofitications
+ User Support
+ Export to any Database or File Storage
+ Connections with GIT, SVN, Mercurial...
+ Integration with CI/CD like Jenkins
OrgSteward Individual
Individual pricing
OrgSteward Unlimited
+ Custom-made Actions
+ Custom-made Features

* prices without VAT, billed annually in advance

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