Smart Salesforce orgs monitoring

Easy automated quality assurance solution for your Salesforce devops!

OrgSteward monitor configuration, code and data quality in your Salesforce environments. Get code review, configuration review, data quality checks, reports on metadata and more. Know about the bugs faster than your users and prevent releasing bugs easily! Better quality will help make both your developers and users happier!

Salesforce Administrators

OrgSteward provides lot of useful checks and reports on Salesforce metadata to help you keep design patterns, find duplicates or cleanup configuration.

Salesforce Developers

Automate code review and analysis, scheduled unit tests, generate documentation or run reports on metadata

Support teams

Automate configuration and data checks, validate post-release environment. Let’s proactively check potential issues in supported orgs.

Simple setup, flexible pricing, safe and secure.

  • 100% SaaS based
  • Nothing to install in your Salesforce orgs
  • Lightning Experience user interface
  • Connect multiple Orgs with one user account
  • Work in teams, sharing results
  • 50+ predefined checks and actions
  • Secured OAuth2 login flow
  • Fixed monthly pricing, cancel at any time
  • Non-profits 50% discount